Tutorial - Do it yourself – how to make a small denim backpack

Get on the road with a tiny backpack. It allows you to bring your phone, water bottle, purse, etc. without a fuss. A denim backpack is very easy to make from a pair of old jeans and two cords of 1.20 m (47,25 inches). Don't use thick denim for this, the fabric should be able to fold/wrinkle around the cords.

how to make a small backpack out of old jeans diy tutorial

Cut the legs of the trousers, cut off the seams. Make a square patchwork from denim. Stitch them to each other, so you get a patch of 65 X 33 cm (25,60 X 13 inches). Iron the seams open and iron a small hem (5 cm) on the top edges.  If you want to decorate it with paint, patches, beads, or so: you should do it now. The strings of the seams can be used for the loops that are stitched into the side seam; on the bottom of the backpack. Cut two small pieces of 8 cm (3 inches), for the loops. Fold the fabric in half, with the right sides facing each other. Fold the strips for the loops and insert them into the side seam, about 1 cm above the bottom edge.  Now pin the side seams and stitch this approximately 1.5 cm (0,5 inches) from the edge, leaving 5 cm (2 inches) open at the top, for the tunnel. See the Figure below.

how to make a small backpack tutorial with pattern

If you turn the fabric, the result should be a bag with two little loops at the bottom of each side seam. Now fold the top edge double, to make a tunnel and put the cords within, as shown in picture B. Each cord runs from the bottom of the side seam around the two tunnels; coming back at the starting point. Stitch the tunnels, be aware that you don't stitch the cords. After that, you can insert the strap through the loop and knot it tightly.



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