Also having lots of old jeans in your house, oldies from you and your homies? You might consider transforming them into a new unique item with still the feel of vintage! For instance, this lovely skirt with a divided zipper in front is very easy to make!


How to start?

Experience level: 

You need some experience of making a garment on the sewing machine or ask someone who has the skill of sewing, to help you.


A sewing machine, a couple (2 or 3) of old jeans, scissors, thread, tailor's chalk, pattern paper (or a pattern), and closures.

1. Find an existing pattern or make a pattern yourself. For this, you can use your favorite skirt or top.

You can find the complete tutorial for making your own pattern of your favorite skirt in this video

How to make a pattern to recycle your jeans

For making your own pattern you have to measure the parts accurately. Divide big parts in two; so they will fit on the parts you have cut out of the legs of the jeans. Add an extra 1 cm (0.5 inches) for the seam allowance; this is explained in the video above (dotted lines in the pictures).

How to make a pattern to recycle your jeans

Cut out the patterns. Cut off the legs of the trousers and cut the legs open.

2. Put the pattern on the denim material. Be sure to place the pattern parts on the grain line. The horizontal line of the fabric. This is very important! Draw the pattern on the textile with a tailor's chalk and cut out the parts. 

How to make a pattern to recycle your jeans

3. Zigzag or lock the edges. Sew the pieces together and place a zipper where needed. Try the garment. If it is not fitting well you can still make adjustments.

4. If you are satisfied with the result; press the seams open, then topstitch along the sides of the seams.  you can finish the garment, if it is a skirt, with a waistband (you can use a waistband from jeans). Stitch the hems. You can also choose a funky look with frayed hems (see photo below). Here for you do not zigzag or lock the hems of the neck, arms, and bottom seam. Topstitch two lines 0.35 inches near the edges and remove the weaving thread on the edge of the denim textile.

Be creative and make the garment unique. Try to experiment with studs, golden eyelets, beads, textile paint, bleach pen, trimmings, embroidery, or sewing punky stitches 

How to make a pattern to recycle your jeans

 Stay eco-unique! Your outfit is part of the unique you. Which defines you and can make you happy and more confident. Being 'the true unique you' is an art and a gift of life. Watch a Ted talk on Youtube, about the art of being yourself.

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Faith from Australia followed the instructions of the tutorial and made a dress for a project at school. Look at her shine on the catwalk. Thank you, Faith, for sending me the picture!

DIY how to make a denim top out of old jeans

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