A series of drawings to express my never-ending love for the city of Amsterdam. Despite my need to create chaos, I am totally aware that we live in a time in which we need to cherish the valuable things that we have. With this thought in mind, my aim was to work in harmony and intense observation. The result was my own visual translation: classical folklore mixed with my own fairy tale world. The works are first drawn on large format paper, then scanned and edited on the computer. If you are interested in a print or work from a special building, please let me know. Or check the big murals at Society6!




Concert building Amsterdam - detail of the drawing



The big fire in the Notre Dame church in Paris makes us realize how big our cultural-historical awareness is. I am constantly emotionally amazed by the beauty of the old buildings in the city of Amsterdam.



The old building at the Asscher quartier: Amsteldijk 67 corner Tolstraat - detail of the drawing






Mint Tower Centre of Amsterdam - detail of the drawing





Corner Prinsengracht Amstel Amsterdam - detail


















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