Series "Excessive Flowering"


ECO-NYMPH  01 #dontmesswithnature 

Eco nymph dressed in an upcycled tunic with jewelry closure and a fake hair collar.




The globe’s answer to our devastating footprint is notable. Our pollution has an effect on the climate, causing rampant weather issues around the planet. I have translated the planet earth’s excessive weather patterns, by drawing extreme flowering into the images in Photoshop.



ECO-NYMPHS 02 #dontmesswithnature

eco nymphs dressed in upcycled denim two-pieces decorated with funky stitches and patchwork



 'Man vs Earth. Who do you think will win? Planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old, while humanity is only 145,000 years old. If you condense the Earth lifespan into 24 hours we have been here for only 3 seconds, yet in that time we have created more pollution, cut down more trees and made more animals extinct than ever before.' Prince Ea




ECO-NYMPH 03 #dontmesswithnature

eco-nymph dressed in upcycled denim vest decorated with golden print, ribbon, and beads












 Easter bunnies












Gif animation "♥ Music"

Dear music, thank you for always clearing my head, healing my heart, and lifting my spirits!




Gif animation "Ooooh all my different moods..." 





All styling/fashion/drawings by Pixelpolly

photography: Lola Mooij

models: Lisa Timisela & Robin Hids











2016 >>>  "GUNS & BONES"  PART 01 AND 02

Amazing how the Americans are holding tight to their gun policy. Every time, I see a shooting on the news it gives me goosebumps... In response to this weird discussion, I created a design which can be used as wallpaper print, textile print or print on aluminum.

Wallpaper Guns and bones












If you are interested in an illustration or print; feel free to ask information about prices etc. 








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