In 2010, at the invitation of a sportswear manufacturer SAM Wear Europe, I created digital designs for textile printing. The result: leggings with floral, botanical and graphic prints. The Pixelpolly leggings are made of a fine, firm quality of micro polyester with 18% Lycra (spandex). A fabric which is developed for the sports industry. Light to wear, breathable, moisture-permeable (quick dry) and colorfast. The items are made in limited edition and are all produced in a labor-friendly environment. You can find the printed leggings in the web store.

digital designs for textile printing




♥ Pixelpolly's digital designs for textile printing are published in the great book  "Textile is alive!" A book you cannot finish, it is bursting with inspiration!! A must-have for textile lovers. Watch this item on YouTube.

"Textile is alive!" is a large, colorful book full of inspiring textile art and remarkable handiwork from the Netherlands and Belgium. Over 250 artists, designers and handiwork specialists with a passion for textile present their pieces of art, jewels, interior design objects, clothing (accessories), experiments and other textile expressions. They also give a short outline of themselves and their work.

 Book "Textile is alive" with over 250 textile artists










Leggings big dots white and black Model: Emilie Zoethout - photography: Merel Waagmeester 


 black legging with floral print

Black legging with floral print



A Pixelpolly legging in an article about Outdoor Bootcamp. Beau Monde Magazine 2013

Pixelpolly Printed legging in an article in the BEAU MONDE magazine






handpainted tights "Break a leg!"

Handpainted tights "Break a Leg!" by Maria van Woerden and Ageethe Groenendaal 1990

Photo: ELLE Magazine


 Another golden oldy. Textile art & performance by "Break a leg!" Credits photo and setting: Nissim Men


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