Oil painting 'Wheels of a pink train' size 200 x 70 cm - 2010 - 2012. Part of a series




I paint in a traditional way. The paintings are slowly build up; layer after thin layer. This technique enhances the colors. For this fine painters' technique, small brushes are used. This serious way of painting stands opposite a loose, deviating perspective and the use of strange and vibrant colors.



Technic Still life's: I am fascinated by technical devices. So I use them as a topic for my oil paintings. Like the still life of my old vacuum cleaner. It is part of a series of household appliances.



painting of a vacuumcleaner made by Pixelpolly Amsterdam  Oil painting - 1992 - Size 90 x 95 cm - Oil on linen. 



oil painting of a coffee machine by Pixelpolly

 Or my Aroma Boy the Luxe (;  size 40 x 40 cm oil on linen - 1992. Private property.



 I was also very curious how the inside of the devices would look like...



 painting TV CONTENT by Pixelpolly

 "TV Content"  Size 150 X 120 cm; oil paint on linen - 1994.




oilpainting of the inside of a copy machine

 "Copy Machine"  - 1993 Size 60 x 35 cm. Property: Sharp Electronics Benelux. 







I was amazed by the work of the 'Leids' Cytological and Pathological Laboratory. The manipulated photo's from confocal microscopy with pseudo-colors are so amazing. Crazy to see what is happening in the micro world! This led to a series of organic abstract paintings.



genetically manipulated hobbyhorse

 "Genetically manipulated hobbyhorse" Size 55 X 85 cm - 1998 - oil on canvas.


 Oil painting Abdomen by Pixelpolly

  Oil painting "Abdomen"  - 1996 - size 45 X 45 cm.




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