upcycled denim two piece skirt vest cape trash fashion
Denim two piece skirt vest long sleeves ruffles recycled trash fashion denim

"As soon as I realized the weakness of the flesh, I yearned for the comfort of the yarn..."

2018 - From denim leftovers, I created the denim sculpture “FEEL”.

  HXWXD 120X50X50 cm. 

Doors of perception

The denim sculpture has a cripple and sad appearance. In an era of digital overconsumption, we receive an overload of information. Our brains have limited resources. When constrained and overwhelmed with thoughts, they pursue well-trod paths of least resistance, trying to efficiently bring order to chaos. Information overload keeps us mired in noise...

“Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” T.S. Elliot. 


denim statue feel textile art textile statue Dutch textile artist Amstrdam
outdoor textile graffiti garage

2017 - Outdoor textile graffiti for the garage @ateliercomplex Lola Lik

Voodoo dolls patterns

"It is not to be the best in the world but to be the best for the world."

Mind your fashion footprint - recycle - upcycle denim



2014 - My first no-waste challenge! As I discovered all the wrong ingredients the market provides us and how these harmful products damage our planet,  I started to rethink. How to re-use materials. By collecting old garments and textiles (mostly jeans, as this is the most commonly worn garment of this ànd the last century) there is plenty of material available in my studio.

I focus on the blends (the polyesters mixed with cotton), they are so nice stretchy! Mechanical recycling is still a challenge for blend fabrics.


To upcycle is meaningful, you will contribute to a better environment, it will reduce your carbon footprint because the product does not produce extra CO2 emission. 

The recycled denim mini dress "voodoo dolls", was part of the exhibition organized by the Textile Museum Bussemakerhuis.

Photography: Lola Mooij  -  Models: Lisa Timisela & Robin Hids


Little dresses, skirts, vests, and accessories. All made from waste material. Unique items with still the feel of vintage. Green ethical fair garments will make everybody happy: the maker, our nature, and the consumer. 

Upcycled denim mini dress with golden eyelets and blue ribbon
Voodoo dolls patterns

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."

   Edgar Allan Poe 

voodoo dolls illustration

The "Viktor Spoila" series: upcycled denim long tops

As a consumer, we become happy when we have been able to buy the best quality at the lowest price. For a long time, our field of vision did not have to extend beyond the product. However, with a circular economy, we enter the world of flows. These flows run through a chain and interconnect chains. For both producers and consumers, awareness is increasing that you have a strong influence on the ecosystem that is attached to it when you purchase. In fact, at the time of purchase, you have become part of it. It is high time to re-think: less consuming, the design processes and the reuse of materials.


// Hasmik Matevosyan - Paradigm shift in fashion // Annemiek Koster - Enschede Textielstad // Fashion Positive C2C // Cradle to cradle C2C Certified // 
and, of course, the world wide web...
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drawings voodoo dolls
Bold kints black crochet handmade sustainable

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