Beige dress in bold crochet & bold knit style

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Knitted, knotted, and crocheted dress made from parts of old nylons. The size is an M/L. This is roughly knitted, and the material stretches out extremely. Very beautiful on a curved body. Unique item. Length dress measured flat approx. 100 cm (39 inches) width hip 43 cm (17 inches). Includes free long fingerless gloves/arm warmers.

Deconstructed vintage. All vintage materials have been properly cleaned, selected, and sanitized prior to reuse. All garments are handmade - any imperfections or variations add to the individual beauty and uniqueness of each piece. By making or buying a recycled or second-hand garment you contribute to a better environment. It will reduce your carbon footprint because the product does not produce extra CO2 emissions. A fair trade product is made under fair working conditions. A recycled garment is nontoxic ( the chemicals are already washed out); so safe to wear and wash. If you have any questions or special requests, feel free to send me a message.

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