Work in progress: Bicycle light 



TECHNICAL STILL LIFES                                                   



People and technology. Mankind is all about technique. The human condition is a technical condition. Technical devices have become our second nature. It is both our poison as our medicine.* My approach is simple and trivial. I use the devices in my environment as a topic for my paintings. The basis of my work is the study and observation of the real world. Not to copy it faithfully, but by mixing it with my own visual, emotional experiences. This gives the work more expression, from my own selective perception. This results in the series technique still lifes, painted in the period from 1990 till now. The first series is a series of household appliances.

 * Source: engineering philosopher Bernard Stiegler.




I paint in a traditional way. The paintings are slowly built up; layer after thin layer. This technique enhances the colors. For this fine painters' technique, small brushes are used. This classical way of the painting stands opposite a loose, deviating perspective and the use of strange and vibrant colors.  

2017 - The series still continues. Series 3: technical constructions, that 'we meet on the street'. The series Wheels of trains in red, blue and pink were part of the exhibition Vrijplaats in the rough building of the former prison "Bijlmer Bajes" Amsterdam. In this video, you also see the work of Mario Supa. 


The second series is a series of oil paintings with the inside of machines. I was also very curious about the inside of the devices and how they would look like... Don't you wonder what's inside? 


I guess I was not the only one who was mesmerized by the content of an old school television! Notice; the same details in the video are visible in the painting!! 





ORGANIC ABSTRACT                                           


I was so amazed by the work of the 'Leids' Cytological and Pathological Laboratory. The manipulated photo's from confocal microscopy with pseudo-colors are completely a different world. Crazy to see what is happening in the micro-world! This led to a series of organic abstract oil paintings.