ORGANIC ABSTRACT                                           MICRO LEVEL


I was so amazed by the work of the 'Leids' Cytological and Pathological Laboratory. The manipulated photo's from confocal microscopy with pseudo-colors are completely a different world. Crazy to see what is happening in the micro-world! This led to a series of organic abstract oil paintings.



blood vessels size 45 X 45 cm


optic nerve 01 size 45 X 45 cm


optic nerve 02 size 45 X 45 cm



 genetically manipulated hobbyhorse size 55 X 85 cm 






abdomen size 45 X 45 cm






 infusion of the fantasy size 85 x 70 cm







train of thoughts size 100 x 55 cm


brain cells size 90 X 90 cm

 detail of the painting brain cells 






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