You can prolong the life of your garment by painting it. It will make the textile stronger and give it the look and feel of leather! So, make your old and worn - but still favvy - jeans unique by painting it with water-based textile paint. All that you need is a brush, water, a bottle of nice glossy textile paint and a textile marker or a textile tube to draw out the design. I use textile paint from the brand Pebeo. Draw the desired design with the textile marker on the jeans. Let it dry. Fill the design with the brush and paint. When you are finished, let the garment dry for over 24 hours.


Do not forget to iron the garment after painting and drying for fixation! Follow the instructions written on the textile paint.

 hotpants printed with golden textile paint









You can also use a template. Make a design (like little hearts, balls, stars, etc.) on hard plastic and cut it out with a sharp knife. Examples of how to cut a stencil you can find on Youtube. Or try to make a DIY screenprint from old nylon; as you can see here.  


Recycled denim top "BARCODE". For the vertical metallic blue stripes, I used tape.

Recycled denim long top "barcode' printed with vertical stripes