Ochre yellow beanie hat wool

€ 45,00 each

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Lovely sweet beanie handmade in a combination of knitting and crocheting. The hats are knitted at the border and crocheted at the top. All hats made by Pixelpolly are different; knitted in different patterns and colors.  

U can wear the Pixelpolly hats in 3 ways:

1. Unfolded with the end hanging nicely downwards from the top of your head. Possible 2 put your hair inside.

2. 1 X  folded; the top is still larger than your head. 

3. 2 times folded, the hat is tight on your head. The edge of the hat is nicely round. Like a bowler hat.

The ochre beanie is made from wool/cotton/polyamide.

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