"It is not to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world."










Photography: Lola Mooij  -  Models: Lisa Timisela & Robin Hids 





Little dresses, skirts & vests all made from denim waste material. Unique items with still the feel of vintage. Green ethical fair garments will make everybody happy: the maker, our nature and the consumer. 


2017 - 2018 little denim capes with hoods inspired on old Dutch traditional gear



upcycled denim two-piece with punky stitches, bright green ribbon, and a hooded cape



upcycled denim two-piece with freaky patchwork and a little quilted cape











2014 - As I discovered all the wrong ingredients the market provides us and how these harmful products damage our planet,  I started to rethink. How to re-use materials. By collecting old garments and textiles (mostly jeans, as this is the most commonly worn garment of this ànd the last century) there is plenty of material available in my studio. I focus on the blends (the polyesters mixed with cotton), nice stretchy! Mechanical recycling is still a challenge for blend fabrics. To upcycle is meaningful, you will contribute to a better environment, it will reduce your carbon footprint because the product does not produce extra CO2 emission. 

Eco denim Top with front cell phone pocket

Eco denim Long Top with turquoise crochet sleeves



 mini dress BARCODE made of recycled denim - hand printed


 Recycled denim mini dress Twin sister, with handpainted design




Recycled denim mini dress with long sleeves






I invested more time in this recycled denim mini dress "voodoo dolls", it was part of the exhibition organized by the Textile Museum Bussemakerhuis.

Mini dress with a collar of  little parts of stuffed voodoo dolls made out of recycled material




"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."

   Edgar Allan Poe 







Recycled denim mini dress with a bright cobalt blue fake hairy collar, frayed edges and jewelry closures


Upcycled denim pillow bag, quilted and decorated with little blue beads











recycle recover re-use






Respect nature. There is no planet B! 




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Fashion Positive C2C

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