Knitted&Knotted Dress "50 shades of skin tones"; completely made from recycled nylons.





 Knitted&Knotted leggings, long & three quarter, and little tops.






The next James Bond should definitely be a woman! Dressed in an eco-conscious outfit and provided with the coolest sustainable gadgets! Fashionable fighting against the cruelties in the meat industry and doing her very best to preserve our nature!






Conscious dealing with waste, it is a noble aim. We all know that we need to separate the paper and glass. However, you can also recycle textiles and clothing! Don't throw this in the trash. You can take it away to the charity shop or deposit in the textile container nearby (also garments with holes can get a second life). You can swap with friends or on a clothing Exchange event, but my favorite is up-cycling.

Video Still from the movie "Wild at Heart" by David Lynch


Of course, you can use your old pantyhose to enter a bank building, but there are more ways to reuse your old panties. Lots of tips can be found about this on the internet. For example, you can use it as a bag with potpourri, as a filling for cushion or hug, as a cleaning cloth (works great to clean your nails) or laundry bag for your delicate clothing.





OOOOOPS! It is all part of the loop! 





My basic technique works well, just as with the jeans. Rip them up with scissors! After washing the textile with soda and cutting them up into pieces, I used the crochet- and knit-techniques.

Knitted and knotted leggings





You can also use the cut strips to create a cover for a carpet or a cushion. You can find blog items about the technique I used, online. It is the same technique which is used in the tutorial: "how to make a rug from old t-shirts with a basic knot technique." With a crochet hook, an open-weave fabric (waffle cotton) and this simple knot technique you can create beautiful home accessories.





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