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Want to see, feel, or try?
Part of my designs are now available in the WIHH Gallery, Reguliersdwarsstraat 73 in Amsterdam. Open Tuesday till Saturday 12.00 -18.00

You are welcome to visit my workspace in Amsterdam. 
Visits only on appointments. 5 € discount if you buy something in my workspace.

If you are interested in a work or a tailor-made sustainable garment; please fill in the box below. Or give up your e-mail for the latest events and exhibitions.

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For all Pixelpolly's clothes: wash luke warm (<30 degrees) with the hand or in the machine with a laundry bag. Use soft soap (wool/silk) and a short fine wash program. All knits, dry flat.

To stop the microplastic waste I use the Guppy Friend, let's make this world a better place!


Currently work at the WIHH galery

6 till 9 October Re Imagine Army of Salvation expo @DSFW 2022 Kalverstraat 203 Amsterdam 

Creative substitute teacher primary schools

Workshop upcycling textile waste


From the 1st till the 8th of December part of the virtual exhibition organized by the Capital Culture House Gallery  

4 September Art street 'Indische buurt' festival 2021

August/July wOrkshOps upcycling denim
             at the 'Afvalpaleis' Amsterdam info: Open Oost

Continuous: Creative substitute teacher primary schools

July 23 - How to pimp up your jeans demo @culture vitrine DeTanker  Clothing exchange, record fair, Kiki face & body art, flash-hairdresser Anja, and upcycling denim Pixelpolly. More info about this event on Facebook.

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Workshop upcycling textiles denim Amsterdam


Nice that you are interested in my world of mystic shades, funky colors, and crazy lines. I am a Dutch painter, textile artist, and upcycler.

Since 1990 I am working with paint,
 charcoal, and graphite.

Around the year 2000, I started also working on a computer with a pen tablet.

Since 2010, I extended my work field with textiles and applied art. The characteristics of my work are artisanal, small-scale, and neo-folkloristic.

The name Pixelpolly was invented in a spontaneous mood while working on the computer with timelines, filters, and effects. (Pixel Polly is a scattering, exploding effect in Adobe After Effects). 

Work has been shown at the linen museum Bussemakerhuis in Borne, the National Theater Hall in Utrecht (paintings & video walls), the Museum of resistance in Amsterdam (installation), at the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, and during the annual Museum Night of Rotterdam.


Art is anything that another human being created that transforms another human being.”

We have a duty, a calling, to create, to transform the lives of other people and meanwhile try to make a living out of it that supports us living our life as an artist.”

Jeff Goins


- Creative substitute teacher primary schools
- Surviving the crazy lockdown, made the Covid1984 collection
- Photoshoot for PulpdeLuxe Magazine     Photographer @jobboersmaphotography & model @vivavaleriya 

New World Order Covid1984 Upcycled shirt long sleeves black and red

Article about my work in Pulp de Luxe Magazine

Trash fashion bi Pixelpolly on Cover Pulp De Luxe Magazine Shirt Pixelpolly

Vlog about the photoshoot on the streets of Amsterdam


Jan - Dec - creative substitute teacher in primary schools
October - Workshop on upcycling textile waste Secondary school
July - The upcycled denim doll is part of the exhibition @KRIMPCLUB 
June 23 - Upcycled vintage demo and products garden Mirror Center @ we make the city in Amsterdam
April 14 - @Othergroundmarket OT301 Amsterdam 


21 December  MONSTER sale Rooftop Art Market Jack Amsterdam
22 + 23 September Art route Oostelijke eilanden:  Open Oost! 
1 + 15 September pop-up garage expo @Postjeskade Popup garage expo in my great temporary atelier @Postjeskade23 Amsterdam.

I was so happy to host Teguh Hartanto (silkscreen prints), Nissim Men (city portraits), Irene Janze (installations), Tijmen Meijer (3D interactive) & Quintus Glerum (robotic creature). Music performance by The Poofters Froth Wyoming plans ahead.

The textile sculpture was exhibited on a bed. The bed was decorated with text & drawings, accomplished by students from the St. Joost Academie Breda.

It was holding the book " Art & Lies" by Jeanette Winterson. Besides the bed, an old overhead projector was placed with the intro text from this book. It explains the alienation and the timelessness of art:

The nature of a work of art

is not to be a part, nor yet

a copy of the real world,

but a world in itself,

independent, complete, autonomous

and to possess it fully

you must enter that world,

conform to its laws,

and ignore for the time the beliefs,

aims, and particular conditions

which belong to you

in the other world of reality.

(Oxford lectures on poetry: Professor Bradley in the year 1901)




June - workshop upcycling textile waste @ the Refugees Food Festival Final Party De Ruimte Amsterdam    

7 December - Street art performance Trash fashion.

Location the futuristic station Arnhem. 
This event was part of the traveling exhibition FACE TIME of foundation "Kunst en Cultuur in Beweging". The theme was Identity in society. de public space performance was supported by Awearness Fashion. Our waste-culture has a devastating effect on our planet earth. The garment industry is one of the biggest polluters, its impact on our globe is disastrous. It was an interactive performance staged by Eco-nymphs dressed up in trash-fashion: garments and accessories all made of waste textiles. The intention was to give the traveler a loving but sustainable message with sweet music, hand kisses, perfume, and eco-glitter. Warning: this show is not visible for those who don't believe in fairy tales!

Before the performance. The preparations.

16  & 17 September - VRIJPLAATS FESTIVAL Former Bijlmer Bajes Amsterdam 2 days full of art, music & performances (VIDEO)
July 16th- Teleport art event 3rd edition @Amsterdam
June 17th - Benchcollective @Hoodstock behind bars 
June 10th - Urban culture days @Broedplaats Lely Amsterdam


Dutch sustainable fashion week              - Amsterdam
Amsterdam Maker Festival - Marineterrein Amsterdam
Circular fashion show - Dutch sustainable fashion week Amsterdam


2015 textile route organized by the Textile Museum Bussemakerhuis
2014 Exhibition British Airways VIP lounge Schiphol
2013 Annual Museum night Rotterdam, location the Schielandshuis; expo "smaakdoorbraak"
2011 Art @ the Schellens Fabriek Eindhoven
Art Lease by Artolive

2017 - Trash fashion performance
2004 - Illustrations Big Grandpa & Grandma Storybook
          ISBN 90-808875-1-X
2004 - Decoration children's disco theater days Utrecht
2003 - Installation exhibition "Feest" Museum of Resistance A'dam
2001 - Allocation grant WIK (Wet Inkomen Kunstenaars)
2001 - Concept design children's store Villa Happ

illustration childrens book circus bello


2015 - Training eco-effective design @EPEA NL  
1991 - Masterclass by the American photorealist Ted Seth Jacobs at 
Ecole             Albert Defois - Les Cerqueux sous Passavant France
1989 - Social Science University Utrecht
1986 - Graduated 'HTS Voor de Confectie Industrie' Amsterdam
illustration for children book scary basement
Ageethe Groenendaal alias Pixelpolly
Dutch artist Ageethe alia Pixelpolly