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My bold knits were part of RE IMAGINE 
exhibition @Kalverstraat in the centre of Amsterdam.
ReshareDSFW; the Dutch sustainable fashion week
 6 - 9 October 2022
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Invitation exhibition Amsterdam


Reguliersdwarsstraat 73 Amsterdam City Centre

Happy to announce that some of my OrganiC AbstraCt paintings have been selected for the virtual exhibit "REMINISCENT"  by the Capital Culture House Madrid.

REMINISCENT evokes the long universal and collective memory that art means for humanity. This timeless memory is materialized by the inexhaustible source that artists have from birth: creativity.

Figment of the imagination 85 x 70 cm

Oil painting series organic abstract by Dutch painter Ageethe alias Pixelpolly
Dutch artist Ageethe alia Pixelpolly


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