upcycled denim doll 

From denim leftovers, I created the denim sculpture “FEEL”.  HXWXD 120X50X50 cm. 


I was so happy I was able to exhibit the sculpture on a bed at the garage atelier expo Amsterdam September 2018. The bed is decorated with text & drawings, accomplished by students from the St. Joost Academie Breda.  




On the 7th December of 2017, from 4 till 5 pm, the art performance "MIND YOUR FASHION FOOTPRINT" took place on the beautiful futuristic station of Arnhem. 




Before the performance. The preparations.


This event was part of the traveling exhibition FACE TIME of foundation "Kunst en Cultuur in Beweging". The theme was Identity in society. de public space performance was supported by Awearness Fashion. Our waste-culture has a devastating effect on our planet earth. The garment industry is one of the biggest polluters, its impact on our globe is disastrous. The clothing industry has a high overproduction and the garments are made in poor countries where people work under inhuman conditions. we buy too many clothes, which we use briefly and throw them away without a wink. It was an interactive performance staged by Eco-nymphs dressed up in trash-fashion: garments and accessories all made of waste textiles.

Warning: this show is not visible for those who don't believe in fairy tales! The intention was to give the traveler a loving but sustainable message with sweet music, hand kisses, perfume, and eco-glitter.